GradImages will be the official photographer at the Medical School’s Commencement Ceremony on May 18, 2018 at America’s Center.

During the ‘diploma presentation’, your photo will be taken 3 times (when you are on the stage accepting your diploma from Dean David Perlmutter, when you are at the end of the stage, and a ‘closeup’ shot as you start to walk back to your seat).

During the reception, if you would like to have another photo taken (with family members or fellow graduates), the photographer will be in a nearby room from 5:00 pm  – 6:00 pm.

GradImages will provide a coupon to receive a free 5 x 7.  (Graduates who preregister will receive this coupon in an email from GradImages.   Graduates who do not preregister will receive this coupon if they provide their email address by filling out a card if they have portraits taken during the reception)

GradImages recommends that you preregister with them now until May 18 (see instructions below), which allows them to email (rather than mail) notification that your photo proofs are available online for viewing/ordering.

About 3 days after Commencement, GradImages will notify the graduates about their photo proofs by one of two methods:


By email to “preregistered” graduates

GradImages emails a notification – to all individuals shown in any graduate’s “preregistered account” – that the graduate’s photo(s) are available for online viewing and ordering.  Photos can then be ordered online or by mail.  (As mentioned above, the email will include a coupon for a free 5 x 7.)

The online ordering process offers graduates an option of ‘light photo touch up’ or ’zoom and crop’.  Individuals who use this preregistered account will receive 20% off your graduation photo order of $50 or more.


To use this ‘preregistration’ method  (which is available now through Thursday, May 17)

Go to  A menu opens and prompts you to preregister and it will have a box that says “School Name.”   You will type:    Washington University Medicine.  At this point, you will enter the email address and mailing address for yourself and up to 6 other individuals (family members or friends).

If you have any questions about this ’preregistration’, please contact GradImages’ Customer Service:

Phone: 800/261-2576          Email:


By mail or email to non-preregistered graduates 

For those graduates who did not preregister, but provided their mailing address or email address  to the photographers when having a photograph taken during the reception, GradImages will mail or email a small photo proof(s) marked with an ‘order number, and an “order card’ and instructions for mailing in your order or ordering online at   (As mentioned above, this mailing will include a coupon for a free 5 x 7.)


The cost of a 5 x 7 glossy photo runs about $14.95.  (Reminder – graduates will receive a coupon for a free 5 x 7). Shipping cost varies.  Sales tax is added to orders.  (Missouri sales tax is automatically added on online orders.  For mail orders, you need to indicate this on the order card.)    If you have any questions when placing orders, please contact GradImages’ Customer Service Office at 800/261-2576.